STRATACACHE, a Family of Companies

  1. 2003

    Software that Powers it All.
    ActiVia For Media is an intelligent and robust digital signage software platform for creating, scheduling, managing and monitoring visual content and devices. It is the fundamental layer for any STRATACACHE digital network deployment. With seamless delivery of dynamic, targeted messaging, ActiVia will drive sales and customer engagement. Whether you have ten locations or thousands, Activia can power your entire network.

  2. 2004

    Reduce Network Resources. Optimize Delivery Time.
    Schedule and manage distribution of rich-media content from any web browser with OmniCast. Mass delivery of video files, software updates and training documents to remote sites from one central location is made easy. Reduce time and resources spent by using the most reliable, scalable media distribution tool on the market.

  3. 2008

    Accelerate Multimedia Distribution.
    From streaming video optimization to multimedia acceleration, SuperLumin’s advanced technology increases productivity, enhances network performance and improves the customer experience. Using a Web-based management system, you can monitor and track network activity and performance for all your remote locations.

  4. 2010

    Attract. Engage. Delight. Connect.
    enVu is a full service digital interactive media production company. enVu transforms events, retail, and brick and mortar spaces with captivating, shareable, digital interactive brand experiences. enVu strives to make sure every activation will ATTRACT, ENGAGE, DELIGHT and CONNECT brands with their target audience, by blending the power of technology with the power of personal experience for maximum engagement. By seamlessly integrating brand storytelling with gestural, touch, mobile and social interactivity, enVu provides brands with immersive experiences to target, engage and influence consumer behavior. enVu brings expertise to each stage of interactive-media activation, from creative concept and design, through installation, launch and reporting.

  5. 2011

    Bring Products to Life with Translucent Media.
    With STRATACACHE’s PrimaSee, you can display eye-catching video onto translucent glass without obstructing your products. Translucent messaging gives consumers the ability to see-through visually alluring content, providing an innovative, interactive experience. When showcased on glass throughout in-store hotspots as an advertising palette, you can cross-promote and offer wayfinding to additional products.

  6. 2013

    Innovative Display Solutions.
    Optika is a leader in optical bonding, LED backlighting, film laminates, and internal brightness enhancements providing industries with economical, innovative display solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Optika’s comprehensive quality and engineering processes in a clean room environment delivers consistent and lasting results with a lifetime guarantee.

  7. 2013

    Digital Signage and Interactive Experiences for Lotteries and Casinos.
    Carmanah Signs helps casinos and lotteries activate and engage players by supplying digital sign networks, interactive digital media experiences and value-added LED signs. Carmanah is the world leader for the global lottery market in the development and production of wirelessly-updated lottery jackpot signs, which increase jackpot awareness, sales and ultimately revenues for good causes. Carmanah has provided over 110,000 wireless jackpot signs for lottery retailers in 46 lottery jurisdictions.

  8. 2015

    Activate Shoppers Along the Path to Purchase.
    PRN is the leading digital media company specializing in in-store shopper marketing solutions that activate shoppers along the path to purchase right up to the point of sale. PRN’s video and audio networks span over 6,600 retail locations within some of the nation’s top retailers. PRN’s scale, consumer focus, and innovation with mobile and audience targeting position both retailers and brands for success. PRN has offices in San Francisco and Bentonville, AR. To learn more, visit or follow them on Twitter @PRN.