Employee Spotlight: Chris Tooke

Chris, how long have you been with the company, and what is your role?Familty_Photo_CT

I joined STRATACACHE just four short years ago. I started out working in our Network Operations Center (NOC), but quickly moved to a newly formed account team for one of our customers. Fast forward a year, and I was moved to my current role, Operations Lead. As the Operations Lead, I am responsible for a number of smaller customer accounts that STRATACACHE services. My team does just about everything for them – from assisting with content creation to content scheduling, technician dispatches, and planning and managing any future updates to their digital signage network.

How has working at STRATACACHE helped your career development?

Working within multiple levels of the company at once is a great experience. Working with our teams in Support, Sales, Engineering, and so many others has really helped me learn about how our company operates on a daily basis. Our Operations team also manages many different customers at once, each with their own specific digital signage footprint and content. Getting to work with both customer accounts and internal teams has certainly given me experience in handling a lot of projects at once, while also working with many different people and personalities.

What drew you to STRATACACHE originally?  And how has the company changed since?

Before interviewing at STRATACACHE, I had no idea what digital signage was. But, as a marketing student in college, it definitely piqued my interest. Advertising on TVs you control, at your own business, who knew? Anyway, after joining STRATACACHE I found I was more interested in the hardware and “behind the scenes” stuff than the actual marketing material. But now, as Operations Lead, I get to experience a little bit of both on a daily basis.

As for changes, well, there are so many. But to single one out, it is definitely the growth we’ve had in four years. Starting out, the team I was on in the NOC was very small. Now with such a large team, I’m introducing myself to employees I’ve never met – almost every day.

Can you recall any embarrassing moments at work?

So in a support environment, there are always phones ringing and people talking. I can remember once when someone sitting next to me answered the phone at the same time I did, and I said their name instead of mine when introducing myself on the phone. I don’t think anyone noticed, but I went with it for the rest of the call.

Coin1_CTCoin2_CT What’s life like after work? 

Home life is busy! My wife, Jennica, and I just had our first child. Our sweet baby boy, Brennan! He is a handful, but his laughs, smiles, and playfulness are really worth all the dirty diapers and late nights/early mornings. He just learned to roll over last week! We also bought our first house in March, and we’ve been working on that when little Brennan is napping! We also have a dog named Mandy and a cat named Jasmine.

As for hobbies, I’m a bit of a coin collector, which isn’t typical for someone my age I suppose. When you think coin collector, you usually think old retired guy sifting through $1000 worth of pennies. Luckily, that’s not me (yet)! I really enjoy collecting Morgan Silver Dollars. There’s a lot of American history to learn about in coins. Plus, the fact that they are so shiny and colorful helps!

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

I’ve always been a Batman guy. So he technically doesn’t have any super powers. And no, money is not a super power! But if I could be a superhero, it would be something like Batman.

Any random facts you’d like to share with us?

I am a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan. My wife happens to be a…Michigan fan. It will be a never-ending struggle between us. Until Brennan becomes a Buckeyes fan. Go Bucks!