Kacy Martin:Employee Spotlight



Next up for our Employee Spotlight is Kacy Martin, Senior Systems Engineer.  Kacy has been with the company for 6 years, and is not only very knowledgeable in the field, but also very hands on with all of his projects.

We were able to catch some time with Kacy to learn a little bit more about his role at STRATACACHE, as well as his aspirations outside of the office.


Kacy, tell me about yourself.  What is your role at STRATACACHE?

In 2010, I joined STRATACACHE as a Systems Engineer.   In my role, I am responsible for designing impactful digital signage solutions.  Additionally, I take part in pre-sales meetings to help potential customers understand the software and hardware platforms that power the customers’ experience in several markets.  It’s definitely the best of both worlds.  I get to work on everything behind the scenes while also having the opportunity to share the technology I design with our clients up close and personal.


What has been your favorite project at STRATACACHE?

My favorite project was working with this large Canadian grocery and retail chain. It is a diverse project with many different use cases (menu boards, ATM signage, end-cap tablets, checkout tablets, small video walls, single screen signage, and even in-store music). The project has its own set of unique challenges, but it’s a single project that really shows off how adaptable and flexible our digital signage solution can really be.


What’s the most important tip you can share for a successful large-scale implementation project?

From an engineer’s point of view: any large task can be carved out into a much smaller number of very simpler tasks. Many large problems can be solved by simply breaking them down into smaller problems that can be easily solved. And also, always plan ahead and have a contingency for problems that can crop up.


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Well, I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up…but a paralyzing fear of heights far off from the ground on earth has forced me to go to “Plan B.”  Becoming a systems engineer.



Where would you like to go on a dream vacation?

Although I’ve already been to Colorado, I would love to go back!  Colorado is the perfect place to go exploring, hiking, rafting and discovering everything the Rockies have to offer.


What’s your favorite part about working at STRATACACHE?

The work environment and the culture.  STRATACACHE provides a free and open environment which allows us to get the job done without any delay.  The environment is also flexible enough to meet just about anyone’s work style.