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Create, schedule, manage and monitor your marketing messages from any Web browser with STRATACACHE’s ActiVia for Media software. Centrally deliver real-time, targeted messages to specific locations based on customer demographics and promotional campaigns. Whether you have ten locations or tens of thousands, ActiVia is robust enough to power your entire digital signage network.






STRATACACHE’s PrimaSee™ is a translucent digital display that showcases high-definition, full-motion videos embedded within a freezer or cooler door’s glass panel, architectural glass, or retail glass fixture.

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Making its first debut into the marketplace, STRATACACHE’s PrimaSee™ is a translucent digital display that showcases high-definition, full-motion videos. These see-through promotional videos can easily be integrated into existing freezer or cooler door panels, retail glass fixtures, or architectural glass environments. Using an intelligent media player, content can be updated instantaneously based on current promotions.

PrimaSee Freezer

With PrimaSee Freezer, you can display full-motion, interactive video directly onto a freezer door panel that corresponds with products visible on the shelves in the backdrop. Designed to convey brand messages and heighten purchase intent at the point-of-decision, PrimaSee Freezer is perfect for promotional messages or guiding consumers to additional products and locations (wayfinding) throughout the retail environment. PrimaSee fits into any size freezer door.

PrimaSee Cooler

Turn any ordinary cooler into an intelligent beverage case with PrimaSee Cooler. With full-motion, interactive video embedded within the glass panel of a cooler door, your content corresponds with products visible on the shelves in the backdrop. PrimaSee Cooler is ideal for promoting products at the point-of-decision, or as an advertising tool for brands in various retail environments. PrimaSee fits into any size cooler door.

PrimaSee Architectural

PrimaSee Architectural extends messaging to unconventional glass surfaces—allowing your brand to stand apart from the competition. Using colorful, translucent animation and branded messages on architectural glass, your target consumers can view product information whether your facility is open or closed.

PrimaSee Fixture

Changing the face of retail, PrimaSee Fixture uses translucent technology to transform retail spaces. Providing an innovative, interactive experience for consumers, PrimaSee Fixture is ideal for cosmetic counters, display cases, countertops, and store fixtures in retail environments where brands can light up their messages and entice consumers during the path-to-purchase.



Gestural Interactive

With STRATACACHE’s Gestural Interactive technology, you can transform the shopping experience by displaying high-definition content programmed to respond when a consumer comes in contact with the content.

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gestural_1Providing a memorable, engaging experience at the point-of-purchase is one of the most powerful means of communicating with customers. With STRATACACHE’s Gestural Interactive technology, you can attract and engage customers like never before, thus transforming the shopping experience. This technology allows you to display high-definition content programmed to respond when a consumer comes in contact with the content.


Traffic Tracking Technology

ActiVia’s Traffic Pattern Analysis helps you establish optimal placement for digital signage, making your network most effective.

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tracking_1Prior to installation, you must establish optimal locations where digital signage would be most effective. With STRATACACHE’s Traffic Pattern Analysis, intelligent IP cameras are used to analyze consumer patterns by counting patrons and tracking their flow and dwell time through particular areas. This data provides you with valuable information to analyze digital signage placement.


Audience Measurement

Gather consumer metrics and tailor messages to your customers based on their interests, needs and habits with ActiVia Audience Measurement.

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AudienceMeasurement_1Audience measurement is proven to be the most effective tool to optimize ROI. With audience measurement, consumer metrics are gathered, including customer impressions, dwell time, impressions per merchandised object, impressions by time of day, and impressions by brand or category. ActiVia Audience Measurement helps you know who is watching what content when, so you can tailor messages to particular viewers based on their interests, needs and habits.


Interactivity Module

Connect with your customers like never before through customer-facing digital signage applications with the ActiVia Interactivity Module.

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interactivity_1As marketing channels evolve and consumer choices increase, leveraging interactive digital signage allows you to connect with customers like never before. With ActiVia Interactivity, customers interface with digital signage displays and content is delivered directly to their smart phones via Bluetooth-enabled devices. Content can vary from interactive catalogs, coupons, promotional brochures, videos or podcasts. ActiVia Interactivity allows you a powerful tool for tracking frequency of visits based on unique marketing identifiers.


SPECTRA Media Players

STRATACACHE’s line of SPECTRA media players are versatile, feature-rich appliances used for digital signage and live or on demand video.

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spectra_1STRATACACHE’s line of SPECTRA media players are versatile, feature-rich appliances. With exceptional reliability and control over applications such as digital signage and live or on demand video, SPECTRAs complement STRATACACHE’s digital signage software, ActiVia for Media.

SPECTRA S-200 Series 1
Utilizing a mere 65 watts of power, the SPECTRA S-200 Series 1 provides dual screen support. With Bluetooth compatibility and a built-in hard drive, the S-200 Series 1 provides you with features to make the most out of your digital signage initiative.


SPECTRA S-200 Series 2
The S-200 Series 2 is one of the smallest, most power-efficient Intel Atom based media players on the market. With high definition 1080p video capabilities and 1GB of memory, you can make the most out of your digital media initiative.


The S-230 provides support for IP streaming and local storage playback, making it easier than ever to deliver dynamic, multi-layered content in resolutions up to 1080p.


ActiVia ECDN

Overcome network performance and reliability challenges by deploying an ActiVia Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN).

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ecdn_1Today’s enterprises rely on company Intranets to optimize business productivity, deliver critical applications and distribute content to end users. As networks evolve in scope and complexity, applications compete for limited WAN resources, creating performance and reliability challenges. Deploying an ActiVia Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) can help you overcome these challenges. ECDNs provide intelligent delivery services utilizing application managers, edge caches and content delivery appliances.


ActiVia SaaS

Focus solely on your digital signage messaging with ActiVia SaaS.

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saas_1Implement digital signage into your marketing campaign without the burden of managing a server, content distribution or database with STRATACACHE’s ActiVia Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. With ActiVia SaaS, users are directed to a hosted ActiVia server where they can import digital content into a secure, authenticated content designer/management console. This solution lets you focus solely on the key element—the message that represents your company.



SNet allows all media delivery applications to work in complex enterprise networks without significant changes to existing firewalls or network security.

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snet_1Securely linking to remote media devices is a necessity for today’s enterprises. In order to keep information confidential and uninterrupted, enterprises are utilizing ActiVia SNet—a network application enabling a secure IP overlay network for public content and media delivery. With ActiVia SNet, STRATACACHE applications can securely link and communicate with remote devices or media players through NAT environments via secure tunnels across the public Internet without using dedicated VPNs.