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Real-time Traffic and Rideshare Displays
Help passengers find their way to their local destination by displaying real-time information on traffic and rideshare availability. Digital displays are dynamically updated by integrating major traffic data and rideshare service APIs.
Walkbase Asset
This solution delivers real-time tracking of vital airport operations equipment and personnel locations, both inside and outside of the airport, using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi location technologies. Combining STRATACACHE’s patented algorithms and sensor hardware, we provide a 360-degree view of the facility with cost effective, high-precision and scalable location monitoring services.

Arrival and Departures Displays
Quickly inform travelers with important flight information including destination, airline, flight number, gate, departure time and status. The digital display can be customized to include venue specific branding, local weather conditions and can display important safety information.

Shuttle location outdoor digital display
Guide passengers leaving baggage claim to their proper shuttle zones using our outdoor digital display. Location-based technology informs passengers of each shuttle location and estimated arrival time for each pick-up zone, taking the guesswork out of the final connection point in the facility.
Smart Ads
With new personas continually moving throughout airports every day, it is important that advertising is smarter — relevant and timely to the current audience. Digital brings the opportunity for more creative dynamic and interactive advertising. Persona-based digital ads based on insights gathered from sensor technology allow airports to deliver targeted ads to ever-changing audiences.
Interactive City Information Board
Inform passengers at baggage claim of local events, tourist spots, and restaurants in the local area. Passengers can interact with our 55-inch touchscreen to discover events and places to visit in the city. QR codes can be scanned to learn more about and save events passengers are interested in attending.
Airport Facility Analytics
Leverage the power of real-time analytics, mobile sensors and artificial intelligence, using STRATACACHE’s in-house analytics platform Walkbase, to optimize the passenger journey within your airport.
Security Satisfaction Survey
Deploy interactive satisfaction surveys after passengers complete their journey through security. Users give feedback about their experience going through security and agents monitor the results in real-time to create actionable insights to improve airport services.
Dynamic Wayfinding
Help passengers navigate the airport by directing them to nearby gates and airport amenities such as baggage claims, concourses, ticketing and restrooms. The vibrant screen can also display weather, messages and supports full screen video takeovers creating a more dynamic wayfinding solution.

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