Press Release

STRATACACHE Announces Mark Mayfield as Vice President of New Transportation Division

By Andrea Poley | June 14, 2018

DAYTON, OH, US — 14 June 2018 — STRATACACHE announces the launch of a division dedicated to serving the emerging needs of the transportation sector, including airports, airlines and ground transportation, led by industry veteran Mark Mayfield, who has joined STRATACACHE as Vice President of the division.

Mayfield, who comes from the flight information industry, will promote the use of the digital media/marketing technology found across the STRATACACHE family of companies to deliver scalable, high-impact solutions that directly enhance traveler experience and convenience, as well as improve airport operations—ultimately increasing revenue, efficiency and safety. The division is focusing on streamlining information sharing such as wayfinding and messaging to fluidly move passengers throughout the facility; entertain with managed multi-sourced IPTV programming across the entire campus or engage passengers with fun, interactive games to pass the time; and deliver consumer activation with engaging visual content and well-designed campaigns delivered through mobile engagement.

Further, there is significant growth in the number of airports in the Asia-Pacific region, an area of the world where STRATACACHE recently announced growth and focus on the region’s emerging technology market. “Reports show that 136 airports will be added in China by 2015, and India — which has one of the fastest expanding aviation markets — plans to increase by up to 100 airports by 2035,” said Mayfield.

“There is a clear trend toward airports and airlines seeking the power and flexibility of a consolidated digital signage platform over the traditional approach of disparate systems for flight information display, check-in operations, digital advertising, and wayfinding among others,” said Mayfield. “STRATACACHE’s technology and solutions add value that others cannot. Beyond the scope of streamlined content management and operations, the level of traveler experience that digital innovation can deliver is something others aren’t even thinking about at this time. STRATACACHE has seen tremendous growth in bringing marketing technology to customer experience-focused sectors such as retail, QSR and finance, which will decidedly resonate with transportation owner/operators.”

Using STRATACACHE’s in-house location-based marketing and analytics platform, owner/operators can learn about the patterns and behaviors in the physical space and aggregate the data to innovate optimize, enhance and personalize the airport experience for passengers, tenants and employees.

“Our in-store retail marketing and analytics platform, part of our acquisition of Walkbase last year, allows for the same concierge-style service we’re bringing to retail in the transportation,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE. “From curbside check in to concierge-style service such as food delivery directly to the gate, Mark’s team will help owner/operators streamline operations and introduce dynamic experiences, so they can improve efficiency and better serve their travelers. The experience Mark brings from the transportation world into the digital signage industry is allowing us to quickly identify the significant number of ways digital signage exceeds market needs.”

Mayfield comes to STRATACACHE after 14 years with SITA, which is the largest dedicated airport IT company in the world, where he led a sales and marketing organization focused on global sales of flight information display and public address systems.

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