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May 26, 2022

The easiest, most effective way to manage a large digital signage network.

Our cloud platform serves as the backbone for your digital signage network. Logging in through a convenient cloud portal, digital signage personnel can manage content, as well as the hardware that displays your content across the digital signage network. The digital signage cloud is also a centralized location where corporate data can inform and personalize content delivery, supporting next generation customer experiences.

Key Features for a Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution

Large networks need advanced features that facilitate reporting, visibility and management of the network. These features not only reduce the workload; they drive engagement and ROI.

  • Content Management: Store, upload and manage your branded content in a centralized repository
  • Screen Monitoring and Media Player Health: STRATACACHE proactively monitors network health to ensure full network uptime
  • Enterprise Database Integration: Aggregate Point of Sale and Loyalty data in the cloud to deliver personalized content on the fly
  • Customer Analytics: On-premise sensors deliver critical engagement information accessible via cloud dashboard that drive proof of concept and optimization
  • Reporting: Monthly reports delivering full transparency into network functionality
  • Expert-level Support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year

What makes STRATACACHE Different

  • Responsive content: Our cloud digital signage solution works with Edge hardware, such as media players and IoT sensors intelligently, storing high definition media assets for instant retrieval and greater reliability than cloud-only solutions
  • 3.3 Million+ Managed Devices: The largest corporations in the world rely on STRATACACHE to manage their digital signage for sales transactions
  • Revenue generating digital signage at scale: The STRATACACHE network is proven to be reliable and effective, producing sales lift of 3–5% for many of the world’s top brands.

Engage Customers with Relevant Content

The impact of your digital signage depends on relevance. Is the content important to the person who views it? STRATACACHE cloud digital signage content management software sits in the center of your digital signage network, integrating with your data sources, enforcing rules, and working with location managers to deploy the right content at the right time.

  • Visually Stunning Content — Share the engaging details of your products with customers: the condensation on an ice-cold coke, or the steam rising off a hot coffee; digital signage allows you to tell your brand story in exciting, compelling detail
  • Content Scheduling — Allow location managers to set the schedule using your brand assets, so that the right audience sees the right content at the right time
  • Content Distribution — STRATACACHE content management uses sophisticated distribution tools to accommodate low-bandwidth locations with drip downloads and off-hour download schedules, Edge file storage, structured content and more
  • Authorization and Roles —  A robust authorization and roles interface allows you to deliver precise control to personnel from corporate Marketers to location managers
  • Programmatic Content — Establish rules to guide content delivery, based on time of day, weather, day of the week, even the price of gas.
  • Personalization — Integrate your cloud content management system with sources like Point of Sale (POS) or loyalty application to deliver industry-leading customer experience.
  • AI-Driven Limited Time Offers (LTOs) — Integrate your content management with Machine Learning to optimize content delivery in real time.

Measuring Impact

Customer analytics are as good as the systems that you set up to measure engagement. For most businesses, that means general sales and profitability statistics. Integrating POS data from locations with cloud digital signage software allows you to analyze campaign performance at a macro level.

These data points can give you a good general idea of whether the campaign strategy is hitting certain goals, but it does not provide depth. You cannot tell what went wrong, or what went right for that matter. To optimize content, you often need additional data sources.

In-store, anonymous customer engagement metrics provide that missing piece of the puzzle, reporting on the dwell time and pathing that customers take around your store, and your signage. This micro data allows you to conduct A/B testing on your content that helps your business become increasingly customer-centric over time.

Screen Monitoring to Ensure Uptime

Digital displays look incredible when they work, and they are eyesores when they do not. This makes uptime absolutely essential when approaching your cloud digital signage solution. STRATACACHE takes the attitude that networks are ultimately less reliable than you want your business to be. We store content and processing capabilities at your locations, so that in the event of a network outage, your screens will still shine.

  • Content and processing at the Edge (Learn more about Edge versus Cloud)
  • Screen and Hardware Monitoring in the Cloud

Security: Join our private cloud of 1.9 million+ displays

Storing your digital signage files and software in the cloud allows us to maintain the highest level of security. STRATACACHE prioritizes security and reliability to ensure your displays stay running at all times.

  • Redundant power generators and guaranteed fuel deliveries to ensure continuous power, no matter what happens.
  • Continuous management by experienced staff
  • 24/76/365 support helpline

Easily Deploy Your Cloud Digital Signage System

The cloud removes many challenges of deploying a digital signage network, but not all. Digital signage combines hardware and software, Marketing, Operations and IT. Designing and coordinating these business functions to work in tandem, at scale requires solid leadership that is built on real-world experience at scale.

STRATACACHE is more than a software provider; we are a digital signage technology partner. We can help you with everything from content strategy, to set-up, management, creative and data analytics so your business can hit the ground running.

Proven Digital Signage at Scale

  • Trusted by 8 of the Top 10 Quick Service Restaurants
  • Trusted by 7 of the Top 10 US Retailers
  • One stop shop for hardware, software, sensors and services
  • Proven digital signage at scale

Still think your business should manage its digital signage network internally? Read our blog on When to Consider a fully Managed Service before you decide.