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Jun 10, 2022

Stratacache’s Digital Signage Software is developed in-house, supporting digital signage best practices to help drive results for our clients. That means dependability and rich features.

A Global Partner

STRATACACHE Digital Signage Software helps deliver industry-leading, customer experiences to some of the world’s largest consumer brands in hospitality, retail, transportation and more. We not only develop our own software, we manage it for many of our clients. That experience keeps us connected with our users, driving ease of use and the practicality of our software in the widest variety of applications and environments.

What makes our software unique?

  • STRATACACHE is more than a software developer. We build and deploy digital signage hardware and managed services: We offer ONE interface, ONE system and ONE vendor to handle your digital signage needs.
  • Our software is used exclusively for on-premise digital signage. We include content management and hardware management under one interface.
  • Dedicated, Expert Support 24/7/365 - because big brands rely on digital signage for sales and service, someone needs to have direct responsibility for network uptime.

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Delivering Memorable Experiences with Digital Signage Software

Scalable performance is about meeting complexity with programmatic solutions. Your digital signage software needs to make it easier for you to manage the ENTIRE network from your cloud digital signage platform. That doesn’t just mean content management. It means hardware, network connectivity, POS data and more.

STRATACACHE Digital Signage Software is developed and customized to make a demonstrable impact on sales and profitability at scale. Our cloud-based solution works EVERYWHERE while allowing for nuanced control at a location level.

Content Management for Personalized Experiences

Personalization makes your brand easier, faster, more premium and convenient for customers, which drives loyalty and advocacy. Seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And seventy-six percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen (McKinsey, 2021). Personalization is now an imperative for large brands.

Although digital signage software vendors support various levels of personalization, STRATACACHE is one of the few that has proven itself at the scale of the largest Quick Service brands in the world.

To us, personalization is not a buzzword. It is merely one of the best ways to maintain content relevance across large networks. Personalization is a technical challenge for many companies, but we build it from a few core content management features.

Digital Signage Software Features that Personalize Content

Achieving relevance requires an understanding of your customer AND the context.

  • Content Scheduling — Dayparting increases the relevance of content based on the time of day. Content can also be scheduled by time periods, such as seasons, though ideally the brand is creating new assets for these longer arcs.
  • Location-Based Authorizations — Defining user permissions gives your network the ability to self-organize within the structure that you provide. Top brands grant location managers authority to schedule their content to appeal to different personas depending on the time of day, which allows for differences across geographies.
  • Structured Content — Structured content is the foundation of personalization. It means that instead of one image with a line of beverages, your content management system understands each beverage as a separate object. This allows the content management system to tell the media player to display the relevant objects instead of a generic jpeg. Though you can still use content scheduling without structured content, structured content is the prerequisite for personalization. Read more about structured content in our blog post on managed services.
  • Programmatic Content — With structured content, your digital signage software can create custom rules that organize your content, so that you reach the right audience with the right content at the right time.
  • Database Integration — Personalization is driven by a 360° view of the customer, requiring digital signage to draw data from external sources, such as POS, CRM, ERP, Inventory, and more.

Digital Signage Hardware Management

When you are operating multiple displays at 1,000+ locations, the hardware becomes an important piece of the puzzle. STRATACACHE hardware management tools provide critical, proactive insights into network operations, which allow digital signage personnel to proactively monitor the network, stopping 99% of problems before they occur, and helping to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly.

Build a Digital Signage Platform that You Can Trust

Your digital signage platform allows you to accomplish a wide variety of strategic objectives, as outlined in your content strategy. For Marketers, this usually means increased sales. Financial leaders often use digital signage to increase profitability by promoting key offerings. Operations can use digital signage as training, automation and self service tools.

Example Goals for Digital Signage

  • Average sales increase of 3–5%
  • Boost unplanned purchases by 3–6%
  • Curbside pickup

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Deliver Leading Customer Experience
We focus on enterprise digital signage solutions that can accommodate global brands.

Reliable Platform
Digital signage is our business, not hardware or software but all of the components that make your digital signage run. We take responsibility for the entire stack running your digital signage solution.

We share best practices and experience with our customers based on decades of experience.

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