Blog | STRATACACHE at NRF 2022


Dec 15, 2021

The STRATACACHE Family is coming to NRF 2022. Come see the challenges we are solving for retailers.

NRF 2022: Retail’s BIG Show is a great retail trade show. Why? Three reasons.

One: The people. They expect 25,000+ attendees this year. Retailers, thought leaders, vendors, consultants, and platform innovators will bring their experience and ideas to one place. It’s rare to see so much talent in one place, and the industry converges on NRF every year.

Two: The future of retail. New technologies and thoughts from the previous year are presented. The collaborative environment allows many attendees to decide how they will overcome challenges in 2022. The energy is palpable, and the results are impactful.

Three: STRATACACHE will attend, the whole family. That includes Scala and Walkbase. We always put a lot of thought and work into the technologies we exhibit, and this year is no exception. This year, we’re showing what “smart digital signage” really means. Catch us at our booth, or in our session with Krispy Kreme.

Four: (But didn’t they say, just three reasons?!)

STRATACACHE Solves Retail Challenges at NRF 2022

This year, come find STRATACACHE at booth #5119.

We’ll discuss and show you digital solutions that focus on solving challenges that are top of mind for today’s retailers.

  • Labor shortages
  • Winning loyalty with personalization
  • Winning trust with clear data-driven communication relying on integrated digital signs, sensors and data
  • Creating a simple, impactful experience
  • Measuring success and ROI

These challenges grew in 2021 and show no signs of slowing next year. Customers are demanding personalization and simplified experiences like never before. In fact, 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen (McKinsey, “The value of getting personalization right—or wrong—is multiplying”). Retailers are looking to evolve their stores so that they can deliver simplified experiences and continue to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Shoppers are more careful with how they spend their time and money than ever before, and there’s an emotional aspect of parting with either. Assisting with product knowledge and product discovery is essential to a positive in-store experience and time well spent. The solutions you’ll see at our NRF 2022 booth put you in the customer’s shoes, so you can feel the emotional impact of our solutions. You’ll experience the energy of high-definition multimedia messaging as we walk you through some of the most innovative approaches to personalized, in-store and curbside pickup and automated guided selling. You will see how location and motion analytics can drive better decisions, helping retailers shape and optimize simple interactions with their brand. We’ll show you how strategically placed digital displays can transform everything about a space, from video walls to slim shelf edges.

At the highest level, you’ll see smart digital signage, AI and sensor systems. We’ll show you what’s going on behind the scenes — how these technologies are working strategically to better inform and promote throughout the store. Our digital solutions aren’t a major overhaul of your store and business. You know your brand, we know technology and how it can help.

These are not pie-in-the-sky prototypes. Everything you’ll see at our NRF 2022 booth is STRATACACHE-made — from much of the hardware, to the software, to the creative assets. That means it is designed for replicability and deployment at scale. This show brings our entire team together to create the future of the world’s most innovative retailers.

That is not to say that our demonstrations are products. They are not for sale. These are not ready-to-go solutions. They are parts, themes if you will. In order to slide neatly into stores, these concepts need to be customized. We need to know what you are trying to achieve. Let’s discuss what aspects of our solutions may be right for your store.

Come see us at Booth #5119. You won’t be disappointed.

The NRF 2022 show floor is a busy place! Click here to schedule a STRATACACHE Scala booth tour ahead of time.