Infographic | Drive Thru Design Tips for C-Stores


Oct 21, 2021

In the QSR world, 70%+ of fast food sales come through the drive thru. There is a huge opportunity for convenience retail to increase quick-stop meal sales by opening drive thru as an additional customer purchase journey. What should they expect?

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards for Convenience

The grab-and-go race is heating up, and convenience retail has gained market share from restaurants. With customers increasingly relying on convenience stores for food items, more and more chains are deploying drive thru. In 2021, we have seen a few successful prototypes already, and we expect the industry to accelerate with their drive thru plans into 2022 and beyond.

What can convenience stores expect in the process? How should they approach outdoor digital menu boards, so that their drive thru experience is speedy, accurate, and convenient? We answer these questions, and more.

In Drive Thru Design Tips for Convenience Stores

We cover all the big questions that convenience stores ask as they approach a new drive thru project.

  • Digital menu board content strategy
  • Menu items: What to include
  • Site Structure
  • Installation
  • Optimizing guest experience
  • Finding the right technology partner

For more customer-centric digital menu board solutions, please navigate to our industry solutions for convenience stores.