Explore the Latest In-Store Trends

Join hundreds of retailers, in-store experience and technology experts, brands and agencies at this full-day event focused entirely on what’s widely considered the most important channel in the white-hot retail media (RMN) ecosystem – the physical store.

In the first event of its kind, NRF and STRATACACHE are partnering to dedicate a full day before NRF 2024: Retail's Big Show (January 14-16) to take a deep dive into how in-store media networks will deliver significant streams of new revenue from the physical store.

Retail media is a $45 billion market this year and will continue to grow by about $10 billion in 2024.

What to

  • NRF and STRACACHE have developed a differentiated event, featuring the experts and thought leaders of retail media, centered on the emerging in-store retail media ecosystem, The day is built to cover the key questions, themes, challenges and solutions.
  • Sessions are curated and deliberately sequenced to maximize insights and actionable learnings for attendees.

Three anchor topics, led by category captains of the space:

Shopper experience and content

Andy Murray

Technology, measurement, and insights

Chris Riegel

Network monetization and value

Kevin Carbone

Roundtable and panel discussions

Networking breaks and lunch

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Featured Speakers

Andy Murray

Former SVP Marketing, Walmart, Founder Saatchi & Saatchi X

Ben Reynolds

Vice President Of Business Development, Walkbase

Beth Ann Kaminkow

Global CEO, VML

Brent Williams

Senior Associate Dean and Garrison Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Management, Walton School of Management

Bryan Gildenberg

Founder Confluencer Commerce, CPG Guy, Former Chief Knowledge Officer, Retail, Kantar

Jeffrey Bustos

VP, MAD+Commerce, IAB

Mark Boidman

Partner/Head of Global Media, Solomon Partners

Molly Rapert

Associate Professor and Director of Center for Teaching Effectiveness, Walton College of Business

Paul Martino

Vice President & Senior Policy Counsel, National Retail Federation

Quentin George

Partner, Retail Practice, McKinsey

Rob Master

Senior Advisor with McKinsey & Company

Sarah Scherer

Director, Offsite Media

Rodney Thomas

Associate Professor, University of Arkansas

Rob Rivenburgh

Global CEO, The Mars Agency

Michael Graen

Owner, Collaboration LLC

Kelly Kachnowski

VP Growth & Engagement, Data & Analytics Technology

Claire Wyatt

VP of Business Strategy and Marketing Science, Albertsons Media Collective

Evan Hovorka

Vice President of Product and Innovation, Albertsons Media Collective

Amber Roberts

Partnership Director at Threefold

Howard Luks

VP of Veritcal Development, CPG & Retail

Ron Carey

Founder and CEO, Tilt Creative + Production

Benedict Wagstaff

Senior Director of Business Development, The Trade Desk

Susan O’Brien

Chief Brand & Customer Officer at Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC)

Lee LeFeuvre

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Threefold

Dean Harris

Head of Membership, Commercial, Co-op

Jen Bryce

Retail Media enterprise lead at Unilever across all brands and partners in the US

Full Agenda

Pre-Show Mixer


Call to Order/Stratacache Video and Outline of the Day




In-Store Experience
(First Session)


Creating a Total In-Store Communication Architecture Harmonizing Shopper, Brand, and Retailer Needs

Presentation followed by discussion with Andy Murray and Beth Ann Kaminkow, Global Chief Executive Officer of VMLY&R Commerce. Murray will provide insights based on his experience as SVP over the in-store experience at both Walmart and Asda as well as leading the pioneering shopper marketing agency he founded, Saatchi & Saatchi X. Topics include: how the shopper navigates the in-store space and what they expect from in-store communication, how to think about a total store communication architecture, concepts for harmonizing the smart phone, and 1-to-1 vs. 1-to-many communication strategies at retail.

Network Monetization and Value 
(Second Session)


Commerce Media - A Radical Paradigm Shift in the Advertising Landscape

Strategic Presentation and Panel Quentin George and Rob Master. Commerce Media has the potential to generate over $1.3 trillion of enterprise value in the next several years. This is a tectonic adjustment that will alter the landscape of retailer and brand marketplaces, disrupting the existing dynamics of the brand/retailer relationship. Hear from Quentin George – Partner at McKinsey & Company, Leader: Commerce Media Practice – as he presents an overview of the space and players, focusing on the role the physical store will play. Next up: Rob Master will gather with key stakeholders to explore practical and tactical considerations--the KPIs of Retail Media--in a panel discussion featuring retailers and brand marketers revealing the inside view of current merchant/vendor relationships as they evolve to support and grow a media ecosystem. What are the KPI's from the supply and demand side? What role does the store play in this new media landscape? What role does the store have in brand building and upper funnel dynamics? And what benefits does this dynamic provide for shoppers in a world where a retailer's survival is dependent on successfully transitioning into a media company? Panel includes Rob Master, Evan Hvorka, VP Product and Innovation | Albertsons Media Collective, Rob Rivenburgh, Global Chief Executive Officer, The Mars Agency.

Network Monetization and Value 
(Third Session)


The Multiplier Effect of In-Store Retail Media on Overall Enterprise Value

Join Mark Boidman, Partner and Head of Global Media at Solomon Partners, as he discusses long-term value building that comes with deploying in-store media networks at scale. Learn why he's bullish on the predicted ROI of In-Store Retail Media and In-Store Data Monetization and why it should be prioritized over other services, technologies or operational improvements.

15 Minute Break


Tech, Measurement and Insights 
(Fourth Session)


Quantifying Retail Media In-Store Success: Measurement & Innovation, a Conceptual Framework

For in-store media to deliver on its promise, brands and retailers must agree upon in-store measurement requirements, which are rapidly evolving. In this premiere of a new white paper, Jeffrey Bustos of the IAB will present current in-store best practices and contextualize why in-store measurement is important, exploring how in-store standards fit into the IAB's larger RMN standardization project. Topics include full-funnel attribution, proving incrementality, and the multiplier effects of in-store media. Next up, settle in for a panel devoted to the mechanics of in-sore measurement strategy focusing on practical approaches and considerations to in-store success data. The group will discuss what's required from the brand, the retailer and the consumer to make in-store measurement a truly effective part of in-store RMN success. What are the challenges, success stories and future improvements required to measure effectively for success and growth of in-store retail media?

Moderated by Jeffrey Bustos. Panel Includes Claire Wyatt, VP Business Strategy & Marketing Science | Albertsons Media Collective | Kellogg MBA, and Kelly Kachnowski, Growth & Engagement, Data & Analytics Technology - The Mars Agency / Marilyn Commerce Tech.

In-Store Experience 
(Fifth Session)


The State of In-Store Retail Media: Global Perspectives

In Store Retail Media, or 'Phigital' as it's known in some circles, has achieved scale in Europe, Asia, and LATAM. Many large retailers have tested, deployed, and refined in-store media networks, while in the United States, the primary driver of RMN growth has been online digital networks, such as Roundel, CMX, Walmart Exchange and Kroger Precision Media. This panel will share perspectives on specific drivers and inhibitors of growth in each region, highlighting best practices, and unique regional innovations.



Network Monetization and Value 
(Sixth Session)


Why Data Counts — Extending Monetization Across All Retail Channels

What tools exist for marketers to reach shoppers who visited store areas and didn’t convert? How can in-store content be curated based on in-store behavior? How will in-store behavior be tied to online behavior to allow for full engagement across the entire shopping journey? These capabilities are the holy grail of in-store engagement and network monetization. This session breaks down how, as retailers expand in-store, they will be able to add in-store behavior to their customer data platforms, enabling digital activation on this behavior: Panel moderated by Ben Reynolds of Walkbase and will include Amber Roberts, Partnership Director at SMG Threefold and formerly of Kroger 84.51, and Howard Luks, Vice President of Vertical Development Retail\CPG for LiveRamp.

Tech, Measurement and Insights 
(Seventh Session)


"The Sentient Store" Presentation and Fireside Chat

Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE, will present his vision for what he calls the Sentient Store and then host a fireside chat featuring Mike Graen, Owner of Collaboration, LLC, former Head of Collaboration with P&G, and Director of Innovations at Walmart. They will discuss multiple technologies and innovations being deployed within the connected store – including smart carts, the new Sunrise 2027 barcodes, enhanced RFID at scale, virtual concierge technology, and next-generation digital electronic shelf labels. Each of these technologies, in addition to dramatically improving inventory management and reducing costs, will also play a major part in accelerating the growth of in-store retail media networks.

15 Minute Break


Network Monetization and Value 
(Eighth Session)


CTV/OTT: How Streaming & RMN interact: Synergies and Challenges

With Bryan Gildenberg, Founder Confluencer Commerce, CPG Guy, Former Chief Knowledge Officer, Retail, Kantar. Retail media network buyers are leaning into CTV. The majority of RMN buyers –– at least 63% –– already invest in off-site display and video tactics like CTV, 15% more than other ad tactics. Topics include: the effect of the recent Netflix announcement about viewer data transparency by title on the entire CTV ecosystem, the potential of linking CTV to RMN, and the future of "integrated audiences" and visibility into the total customer journey. Panelists include Steve Biddle, Head of Retail Media for Meta, Sarah Scherer from Kroger Precision Marketing, Benny Wagstaff from The Trade Desk.

Tech, Measurement and Insights 
(Ninth Session)


Fireside Chat – Threats to Retail Marketing and Advertising from the Current Political and Legislative Landscape

Retail Loyalty Marketing programs are at the core of RMN growth. Consumers join them because they see value in targeted offers. But loyalty programs are under attack by consumer groups who argue that consumers shouldn't have to provide their personal data in order to get a discount with their loyalty points. While retailers are innovating, legislators are still confused about the bigger issues involved. Join Paul Martino, Vice President and Senior Policy Counsel at the National Retail Federation and Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE in a discussion centering on NRF's efforts on behalf of retailers and shoppers to push for more consistent, shopper-friendly, and industry-supporting data privacy regulation as it applies to retailers' in-store and digital services.

In-Store Experience 
(Tenth Session)


Retail Media Networks: An Ongoing Journey From Promise to Performance

Retail media networks have become more entrenched, with a revenue-generating velocity rarely seen in business. In 2022, the Walton College of Business Research Team published their first whitepaper that identified the gaps between the promise and reality of RMNs. This session dives into a new October 2023 whitepaper examining what has transpired and changed. Presented by the reseach team lead by Dean Brent Williams, Dr. Molly Rapert, Dr. Rodney Thomas and Andy Murray, former SVP Marketing at Walmart.

Closing Remarks


With Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE and Kevin Carbone, CEO of PRN

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  • Retailers have been successful in delivering incremental RMN revenue from their website and their mobile apps but are missing out on monetizing the largest of all audiences — in-store shopper traffic.
  • This will be the first and only event dedicated to in-store media, shopper marketing and merchandising, retail media networks, true omnichannel experience and ad/display tech.
  • New approaches to in-store ad management, in-store native digital surfaces, and mission based shopper experience are poised to outperform anything that’s in market today.
  • New sensor tech provides in-store closed loop shopper analytics and proves incrementality in-store.

Who Can Attend?

The What's in Store for Media Networks program is open registration, available to all those interested in the event. Lunch and networking breaks will allow attendees to engage with senior-level colleagues from all key disciplines, including:




Ad Tech Innovators

In-Store Marketing & Innovation Teams

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