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Digital Display Shelving
STRATACACHE’s digital display shelving solution allows retailers to transform traditional retail gondola shelves into an interactive shopping experience. Digital displays are integrated into standard fixtures to allow retailers to incrementally modernize their store while creating a personalized shopping experience for their customers. Touchscreen display shelves facilitate product discovery, recipe look-up, and mobile coupon checks, while mobile app integration can tie to loyalty programs. The return on digital investment can be increased by monetizing screen content with prioritized brand placement and dynamic advertising content based on user preferences.

Assisted selling
This kiosk-based solution guides shoppers through a luxury or high-value purchase, offering component comparison and upsell opportunities along the path to purchase. Information captured during the kiosk interactions, including gender, age and sentiment, helps sales associates cater to individual needs and deliver smart service and a more personalized shopping experience.

Personalization at Scale
Our interactive fashion wall brings a digital shopping experience — complete with full curated looks and apparel details — into the store. Shoppers use the wall to browse products or explore complete “looks,” based on their own selected preferences. After browsing, the shopper can easily send selected items to a dressing room, add to their cart for in-store checkout or enter their phone number to receive a text message “wish list”.

Walkbase Asset
A cloud-based solution that uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi location technologies combined with patented Walkbase algorithms to deliver cost-effective, high-precision and scalable asset location monitoring services. An online dashboard will display asset analytics in real-time including a visual map of booth personnel locations with zone visits and dwell times.


Our all-in-one touch screen tablets have the ability to create an interactive experience in any physical store, in a range of sizes, from 11.5 to 55 inches. With a combination of high performance computing and a slim design, our tablets deliver commercial-grade reliability and interactive touch for applications such as digital signage, meeting room signs, self-service kiosks and interactive guided selling.

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