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Collaboration Room and Virtual Classroom
The X2O Media collaboration room and virtual classroom lets employees collaborate on tasks and projects across many different locations. The system provides a unique audio-visual and interactive experience by bringing together multiple rooms, remote participants and interactive tools to create an environment in which all participants experience the same interactions and benefits as those physically in the room.
Our own all-in-one touch screen tablets have the ability to create an interactive experience in any physical space, in a range of sizes, from 11.5 to 55 inches. With a combination of high performance computing and a slim design to deliver interactive experiences, our tablets help retailers and brands drive conversion and increase sales. The tablets deliver commercial-grade reliability and interactive touch for applications such as digital signage, endless aisle, self-service kiosks and interactive guided selling. A variety of I/O options provide the versatility to connect multiple accessories and peripherals including scanners, card readers, cameras to customize your solution.
Outdoor Digital Display
Reliably display content in the drive thru at any time, under any conditions. High quality and manufactured in the USA, our outdoor digital displays have a life expectancy of 10 years and feature a modular design, allowing all components to be field serviceable in 15 minutes or less. Durable and rugged, the fixtures operate 24/7 in any environment and weather condition including an operating temperature range of -25 F to +125 F, patented direct airflow cooling and IP56 certification. Brightness of 3,000 nits and vandal resistant tempered glass deliver maximum visibility even in direct sunlight through polarized sunglasses.

Media Players
The STRATACACHE family in-house hardware solutions are on display including a full range of media players and content acceleration device. The full-feature media players powering our booth are engineered for performance, stability and capability to suit every need. The Content Accelerator optimizes digital signage experiences by guaranteeing reliable, timely delivery of content to digital signage players.

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