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Fast Find at Pharmacy
Provide a simple, convenient way to help shoppers navigate more than 300 available OTC medication options in the cough, cold and flu aisle. Using an intuitive touchscreen interface, a list of relevant OTC medications are presented to the shopper based on selected symptoms and medication preferences with the option of receiving the information via text message.

Digital Display
Highlight new products and promotions, attract customers and increase product visibility directly at the point of sale with our Digital Display solution. The 10” display screen runs content and ads showcasing products from the Digital Display inventory holder. Easily control the screen via STRATACACHE’s dedicated and secure web interface, giving retailers the ability to customize content for your display.

Engage at Pharmacy
Educate and engage shoppers in the pharmacy area, using dynamic display content to promote brands, products and services while shoppers wait for their prescriptions. Engage at Pharmacy customizable messaging platform is scalable for deployment at multiple locations and is flexible enough to adapt to any screen in the store, pharmacy and drive-thru. Drive additional revenue by monetizing the network, promoting third-party on-screen brand advertising.

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