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This solution makes it easy to identify and locate the correct automotive part to fit the needs of the shopper’s specific vehicle by combining audience intelligence with guided selling.

Analytics play a key part in enhancing and personalizing the customer experience, empowering retailers to learn deeply about shopping preferences and behaviors.

This solution displays compelling content to catche shoppers’ attention, enticing them to lift featured beauty products and learn details, such as ingredients and price, eliminating the need for a sales associate specializing in the product to be continuously stationed in the area.

This highly interactive solution lets guests use a touchscreen to request their favorite cup of gourmet coffee while treating shoppers to a highly personalized, enjoyable store visit.

This solution is a proven upsell platform at Checkout, promoting relevant add-on items based on real-time customer purchases. It increases sales, personalizes the customer experience, and improves employee performance.

This interactive solution provides shoppers with customized assistance to help navigate the information during the product discovery process.

As brand value is increasingly relevant and important to shoppers, digital can play a pivotal role in conveying the message. This solution invites shoppers to learn more about the brand story by touching the apparel.

With a focus on ease and convenience, this solution extends the ecommerce experience, letting shoppers order online and quickly, easily pick up in the store.

This guided selling solution provides a simple, convenient way to navigate the cough, cold & flu aisle and quickly identify the most appropriate medications for their symptoms.

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January 14-16, 2018
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STRATACACHE helps retailers and marketers accurately target and personalize the customer experience, creating a link between online and in-store shopping behavior and interests. We help you increase sales with measurable results – developing a 360 degree view of your shoppers both inside and outside the store.