Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is simply a way for companies to take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their business operations. The STRATACACHE family has committed ourselves to drive CSR through philanthropy, volunteering and environmental efforts.


Isaiah Martin was born with more than 12 fresh and healing fractures, the result of a devastating condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). Known more commonly as brittle bone disease, Isaiah was diagnosed with Type III, the most severe form in babies who don’t die as newborns. Isaiah has suffered more than 120 broken bones in his seven years of life, yet he faces each challenge with optimism and positivity that belies his age. He truly is remarkable.

We partnered with Chive Charities for their first-ever Giving Tuesday campaign to change Isaiah’s life. Last year, Isaiah upgraded his manual wheelchair for a power version that gives him more independence. Unfortunately, his family has no way of transporting his power wheelchair. With this joint Giving Tuesday campaign, we raised over $50,000 to fund an ADA-accessible van from VMI that will allow Isaiah to travel safely and accommodate his new wheelchair. The STRATACACHE family was able to offer our support matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000.

Read Isaiah’s full story here:


STRATACACHE is committed to giving back through our Corporate Social Responsibility program. We have partnered with Chive Charities on several exciting initiatives – totalling $100,000 in impact! In fall 2018, STRATACACHE CEO Chris Riegel donated $50,000 to Chive Charities, a record-breaking donation at their 6th Annual Green Gala. In 2019, STRATACACHE extended our support by officially sponsoring a Flash Campaign by matching $25,000 in donations dollar-for-dollar to make sure the campaign was a success. Together we helped a 9-year-old girl from Sidney, OH, named Rozlyn, who is bravely fighting an extremely rare neurological disease. At the 7th Annual Green Gala, the STRATACACHE family donated $75,000 to benefit many Chive Charities grant recipients. Continuing our support of helping the underdog, in 2020, STRATACACHE has supported four Chive Charities Grant Recipients: Gracyn, Zack, Jensen and Isaiah.

“Our partnership with Chive Charities is much more than just a donation of money. We’ve joined forces with Chive Charities because of their mission to help the underdog and our desire to contribute to causes that serve the underdog. Partnering with chive Charities has not only gotten our company involved in these activities but has paved the way for us to further invest in and have an impact on our community.” – Chris Riegel, CEO STRATACACHE.


Making the world 10% happier by helping a girl in our own backyard.

STRATACACHE extended our support of Chive Charities by officially sponsoring a “Flash Campaign” in March. Through this campaign, we directly helped a 9-year-old girl from Sidney, OH, named Rozlyn, who is bravely fighting an extremely rare neurological disease.

Our company matched up to $25,000 in donations dollar-for-dollar to make sure that this campaign was a success. Thank you to everyone who chose to personally contribute to Rozlyn’s campaign — we were proud to see our #STRATACACHEfamily hashtag take over the comment section!

Giving Back

A Note From Our CEO

“I think you have to build an ethos within the company. In tech, we are going for the best and brightest minds. Just taking a paycheck for an 8-5 job doesn’t cut it anymore. If you are trying to get the best and the brightest and maintain, motivate and retain them, you have to show people that the company is more than just the day to day. Building a good CSR platform -becoming involved in communities, charities and things that are important, show that is more than just a job and it’s got be more of a what aligns with what people want to do with their lives.”