Educational institutions are embracing digital signage solutions in the classroom, on campus and throughout remote campus sites to deliver rich, interactive content, enhancing communication by alerting students and administrators of emergency situations, updating students on time-sensitive announcements and promoting campus events. By leveraging the ActiVia for Media digital signage software, all content and communications can be centrally managed and pushed to all displays or specific locations across your network.

  • Centrally manages all facility or district communications
  • Instantly updates students on class cancellations and other announcements
  • Instructs the campus during emergency situations and evacuation plans
  • Broadcasts announcements from school administrators
  • Enhances teachers’ instructional content
  • Aligns with environmental initiatives by reducing paper, ink and plastic waste
  • Promotes extra-curricular activities

Digital Signage Solutions for Education

Create a modern look and experience for your classrooms and campuses.

Visual Communication

As traditional static signage becomes less effective, especially among digitally connected millennials, digital signage is providing a new avenue for school sponsored messaging and communication strategies. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, or entertainment these digital signage displays can transform the educational experience.


More than a map, STRATACACHE digital displays and kiosks help students and visitors easily navigate around your school or university. Fully interactive, users can explore directories, event calendars and communications for enhanced user experience.

Digital Menu Boards

Drive upsells and increase overall sales lift at campus restaurants and coffee shops with STRATACACE digital menu boards. Powered by our ActiVia for Media software, restaurants can easily change menu board items, adjust pricing, day-part menus, and promote special and premium items at will.

Content Acceleration

Technology has been entering the classroom at such a rapid pace that IT infrastructures are struggling to keep up. The use of interactive presentations, apps, videos, graphics and other audio visual elements have proven to be an effective and engaging way for children and teachers to learn, but they can cause bottlenecks and network downtime. Colleges and higher education have an additional set of challenges. Networks can easily be tested by users connecting to the internet on any number of devices at massive degrees. With the rapid rise of virtual and online classes and lectures, any disruption or traffic spikes can lead to students being unable to submit assignments or accessing course material. SuperLumin, a STRATACACHE company stops the traffic burdens by offering education specific solutions that are easy to install, configure and operate. Perfect for schools built on legacy hardware and networks, or schools in areas with low network connectivity, SuperLumin meets the needs of students, teachers and network administrators.