Leading with Digital Experiences

Leveraging STRATACACHE’s proven technology, restaurants can actively build their business and enhance the guest experience, creating scalable digital menu board solutions that drive automated digital guest personalization and suggestive sell. Our in-house platform enables data capture and real-time guest experience analytics, providing actionable insight toward food service transformation. We have 3.1 million+ software activations globally.

STRATACACHE powers 8 of the top 10 QSR brands

Occupancy Management Tool for Restaurants
Managing occupancy requirements and traffic flow in stores has never been more important than it is now. Today, deploying the right technology to help navigate this new dining environment is critical. The STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies want to help make this transition easier for you, by providing tools to ensure you have real time and accurate data on the number of guests inside your restaurant.

Walkbase IntelliCount allows restaurants to:
Measure the number of guests inside their restaurant in real time
Collect occupancy history data for audit purposes and to help with staff planning based on guest patterns
Ensure a precise occupancy count with high accuracy, 3D sensors at the restaurant entrances and exits
Save cost over time compared to manual door counting with highly accurate and reliable data

Walkbase TREQ shopper people counter device

Given social distancing guidelines and the various levels of government orders that exist today, we want to work with you to keep your customers and employees safe.

STRATACACHE Digital Menu Boards

Generating higher impact and deeper engagement, STRATACACHE’s Digital Menu Boards provide menu item information with enticing food imagery and eye-catching video promotions — serving up a rich selection of digital content to influence customers as they make purchase decisions. Digital Menu Boards also offer a dynamic platform to decrease wait-time, cross-sell/up-sell and enhance the overall dining experience. Impact your customers and employees with digital media by delivering dynamic content throughout key locations within your restaurant.


Advance your drive-thru experience with STRATACACHE’s outdoor digital displays. Designed with anti-glare protective glass and equipped to withstand the harshest environments, STRATACACHE’s outdoor digital menu boards reliably display content in any outdoor setting. Install a single feature panel, a double panel, or a full triple panel menu board to provide maximum visibility to your customers. With STRATACACHE’s software, you can easily manage prices, menu items, promotions, and nutritional information to improve the ordering experience.


Drive upsell and increase overall sales by displaying dynamic and relevant content with STRATACACHE single and multi-panel digital menu boards. Leveraging STRATACACHE’s software – restaurants can easily change menu board items, adjust pricing, day-part menus, and promote special and premium items at will. STRATACACHE provides a fully integrated approach by offering all system operations, restaurant specific content scheduling, remote monitoring and management, and media players. Provide a better experience for every customer with digital menu boards.

Self Service Tablets and Kiosks

Order and pay from personal mobile, in-store kiosks or tablets. Using location-based technologies, orders are delivered directly to guests. Location-based technology can help you adapt to the lifestyle of your guests and allow them to choose how to pick up their order on their own terms. Automated pick-up, using STRATACACHE marketing technology, ensures order accuracy and quality.

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