STRATACACHE has the in-house expertise and technology digital menu boards, all-in-one tablets, cold vault digital displays, media players and content acceleration solutions to help convenience stores create an informative, entertaining and actionable customer experience, leveraging smart digital signage and location-based technology to present highly personalized digital content. We are strategic partners in bringing a full scope of marketing technology solutions that enhance the customer experience, empowering c-store owners to learn deeply about their customers – allowing for personalized shopper interaction.

STRATACACHE Technologies Deliver

Cold Vault Digital Displays

Our patented Primasee solution for c-stores provides a variety of translucent and opaque LCD digital displays that can be embedded within cold vaults and stand-alone glass door fixtures.

Digital Menu Boards

Generate higher impact and deeper engagement with enticing food imagery and eye-catching video promotions – serving up a rich selection of digital content to influence customers as they make purchase decisions. STRATACACHE’s solution also features ordering and queuing options providing a dynamic platform to decrease wait time, cross-sell/up-sell and enhance the overall dining experience.

In-Store Analytics and Insights

Empowers c-stores to make data-driven decisions, and adapt for best in-store sales performance and loyalty. By utilizing precise store-by-store metrics retailers are able to understand patterns and adjust accordingly. Walkbase Analytics aggregates data from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons and other in-store sensor technology into actionable insights.