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STRATACACHE Announces Digital Solutions Advancing the Retail Space at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show

DAYTON, OH, US–January 11, 2024– STRATACACHE today announced the in-store solutions that will be featured in STRATACACHE booth #5213 at NRF 2024: Retail’s BIG Show. The booth solutions, created by the professional services teams from STRATACACHE and Scala, part of the STRATACACHE family of companies, solve many of today’s biggest challenges in the retail space, as well as grow new streams of revenue in the physical store. Retail experts from the STRATACACHE family of companies, including Scala, PRN and Walkbase, can be found in booth #5213, January 14-16, at the Javits Center in New York.

Through AI and sensors, smart signage solutions and digital displays, STRATACACHE’s digital solutions aid retailers in automation, efficiency, convenience, modernization, and shopper experience. Further in the booth, STRATACACHE is using in-house sensors and digital displays to demonstrate how retailers can collect customer insights and data, allowing for real-time customization. The entire back wall of the booth is dedicated to the biggest topic in retail — expanding retail media networks into the physical retail store.

Solutions featured in the booth include:

  • Retail media networks: A full booth wall dedicated to demonstrating a wide scope of what is possible with retail media networks, where displays can be leveraged throughout the entire shopping journey, and how to bring these networks to market at scale.
  • Self-service solutions: Self-order kiosks, self-service kiosks and self-checkout systems provide a curated, guided experience, allowing shoppers to faster and more efficiently.
  • In-store analytics dashboards: STRATACACHE’s Walkbase platform and in-house sensors are used throughout the booth to demonstrate how to use store analytics to truly optimize pathing, customization and store security.
  • Digital signage hardware: STRATACACHE’s full scope of digital solutions includes shelf-edge displays for in-aisle shelves, order pickup and end caps; large and small format LINQ tablets, as well as digital signage media players.
  • Smart pickup: A new pass-through locker system integrated with real-time queuing allows for off-hours or contactless order delivery.

Retail Media Networks Special Program
Additionally at NRF 2024 is the inaugural “STRATACACHE and NRF Present: What’s in Store for Retail Media Networks” special program, being held at the Javits Center on Saturday, January 13, the day before the Big Show kicks off. Curated sessions are deliberately sequenced to maximize insights and actionable learnings for attendees. The full day consists of three anchor topics, led by category captains of the space: Shopper experience and content – Andy Murray; Technology, measurement and insights – Chris Riegel; Network monetization and value – Kevin Carbone, as well as roundtable and panel discussions.

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