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Jul 6, 2022

Digital Signage refers to digital menu boards, video walls, and other digital displays that help drive engagement and communicate with customers. Any screen can help your brand messaging and can be used to capture interest and educate your customers.

Digital signage engages customers and employees in productive brand interactions. With touchscreens and sensor-driven signage, these interactions allow businesses to deliver personalized, memorable experiences. Behind the scenes, impact is Operations and Marketing Driven. Memorable means brand reputation; personalization converts to convenience, satisfaction and efficiency. The flexibility of digital signage means that it can be used to drive any range of business goals.

Trusted by 8 out of Top 10 Quick Service Restaurants and 7 of the Top 10 US Retailers

Digital signage technology for enterprise

Understand the hardware, software and content behind digital signage systems, so that you can plan a successful, scalable deployment.

STRATACACHE does it all — from indoor and outdoor displays, to media players, cloud-based software, custom applications and content management.

Digital Signage Display Solutions

Commercial-grade displays designed for reliability and scale.

STR outdoor digital signage single

  • Indoor Displays
  • Outdoor Displays with Category 5 hurricane rating
  • 1,000 Unit per week capacity
  • 1,400 PSI water test chamber

3.3 Million Digital Signs Delivered

Interactive displays and specialized screens

Anyone can build a standard display.  STRATACACHE builds specialty hardware that drives industry-leading customer experience. Choose the display types to suit your use case.

Commercial All-in-One Touchscreens
LINQ tablets give customers control of their purchase experience, while also saving location employees extra work. These operational efficiencies drive success for an increasing number of industries and brands.

Endcap Displays
Designed for high-traffic retail environments, such as grocery, convenience and retail.

Smart Pickup Solutions and Digital Lockers
Enhance the pickup experience with personalized signage.

Smart Shelf with Accessories
Read more about LINQ Shelf Edge >
Equip LINQ with camera, barcode scanner, or mobile sensor to unlock the next level of personalization, self-service and frictionless purchasing options.

Media Players

Hardened for performance, compatibility & stability.

STR Media Player

  • Edge hardware, proprietary design and manufacturing
  • Display agnostic, redundancy in place
  • High-temp, 24/7 operation
  • Continues playback during network outages
  • Single, Dual, QUAD and 4K options
  • Linux or Windows based hardware
  • Enhanced security

Content Acceleration
Large networks always have outlier locations with unique network constraints. STRATACACHE has solutions in place to ensure that you can deliver a consistent brand experience.

Content Accelerators
Advanced caching to boost speed, responsiveness and definition.

Example applications:

  • Video walls
  • Cruise ships
  • Stadiums
  • Large campus

STRATACACHE Content Acceleration >

IoT Sensors

Deliver connected, interactive experiences by introducing real-time, anonymized data into the digital signage system.

1. Monetize your ad network
The brands you sell want to push the dial in their favor. Use sensors to connect the dots from digital signage ads to revenues, so that you can support the price of your ad space with precise data.

2. Understand customers
Anonymized data gives you an objective view of how traffic moves through the store. Our solutions are GDPR compliant — the gold standard in consumer privacy and ready to deploy across the globe.

3. Optimize content
The real journey begins once you understand how customers interact with the store. Now, you can see where your execution falls short, so you can experiment with content. Make a change to see how it impacts dwell time and pathing.

4. Interactive experiences
Websites use triggers to create immersive, interactive purchase experiences. Introducing sensors in combination with digital signage provides the same capability.

Digital signage software

STRATACACHE develops and uses proprietary digital signage software to manage our clients’ networks. That means dependability, rich features and practical customization.

  • Content Management
  • Device Management and Monitoring
  • Rules-based content triggers
  • Cloud-based digital signage
  • Intelligent Suggestions: Upsell based on purchase history

Read more about STRATACACHE Digital Signage Software >

What can you accomplish with digital signage?

With goals as diversified as customer experience, operational efficiency and ad monetization, every organization uses digital signage to achieve unique goals.

Sample goals in your digital signage content strategy

  • Increased basket size
  • Increased add-ons
  • Order accuracy
  • Reduced labor requirements per sale
  • Increased success of promotional advertisements
  • Multichannel and omnichannel sales
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Much more

We take these high level goals and often help businesses refine them into discrete, measurable, testable metrics that allow us to design a prototype and start testing.

Don’t know what to test? Read more about creating a comprehensive digital signage content strategy >

  • Quick service restaurants build efficiency and convenience into their ordering and pickup options with digital menu boards, digital drive thru and interactive kiosks.
  • Retailers extend e-commerce to physical storefronts and personalize the purchase experience to provide satisfying customer experiences that keep customers coming back.
  • Retail banking uses digital signage to build trust and credibility with customers.
  • Convenience Stores attract customers into the store and increase food-to-go sales.
  • Airports have used digital signage for decades but are only now exploring deeper integration with information technology to streamline passenger experience from check-in, to flight, to baggage claim.
  • More industries >

Start Planning Your Next Project

Most digital signage projects develop iteratively. They deploy an initial platform, sometimes a prototype, measure results and expand with increased confidence.

  1. Envision — Understand what challenges digital signage will address.
  2. Plan — Architect a digital signage solution.
  3. Design — Design content and develop custom solutions to manage information.
  4. Install — Implement hardware, software and initialize content creation.
  5. Optimize — Analyze feedback and optimize the system for peak performance. Possibility to scale or expand.

At STRATACACHE, our services team will walk your organization through the process so that your digital signage platform measures up to its potential.

Why Trust STRATACACHE with Your Digital Signage?

Our customers choose STRATACACHE as their digital signage partner because they know we will deliver the best solution to meet their needs. No other digital signage partner has more experience, talent or resources.

Diverse experience across industries and geographies

1.5 Billion+ daily viewers in over 100 countries

  • 1,150 Employees
  • 4 Continents
  • 23 Languages
  • 1.9 Million Managed Devices
  • 28 Offices
  • 3.3 Million Digital Signs

Managed Services

We operationalize the digital signage platform so our customers can focus on their brand & strategy.

  • 2.1 million software and appliance installations
  • 90,000 tickets submitted annually
  • 120,000 incoming calls per year
  • 12 minutes average support time

Learn more about our managed services >

Integrated software and hardware that is designed and tested together

The STRATACACHE platform is designed and proven in a multitude of business environments at scale.

Custom Solutions

A high-touch service experience designed to take your content strategy and challenges and execute a digital signage platform to match your needs.

One-Stop Shop for all your signage needs

With all of the components of a digital signage system and the dependence on signage to drive sales, it is absolutely essential for enterprises to have a simplified platform. When something needs to be changed, or you have a question, you want just one number to call, with experienced professionals who are responsible for your success, not just their software or hardware.

Bottom Line? Confidence.

Request a demo to experience the talent of our global professional services team, first-hand!