Case Study | Adobe


Apr 19, 2021

Our network optimization technology enabled a successful Adobe Summit of over 7,000 attendees during an iOS release.


The demand for fast, reliable internet supporting attendees across a multitude of mobile and static devices has caused network usage to soar, costs skyrocketing and user experience to degrade.

Adobe needed to find a cost effective solution to support event labs, media downloading and software updates all while providing attendees with a rich user experience.


The SuperLumin Event Cache Engine was created specifically for large venues, tradeshows, exhibit halls and events. Our engines significantly reduce network performance challenges by decreasing the overall volume of content moving over the network. We identify, prepopulate and store frequently requested media and content eliminating the need to repeatedly transmit the same information over and over again which can severely slow down your network.

With over 7,000 attendees at Adobe Summit and a large iOS update scheduled for release at the same time, Adobe knew it would have challenges supporting the media labs, sessions and attendees. By placing the Event Cache Engine inside the venue during the event and prepopulating the iOS update, Adobe was able to eliminate network congestion and drive bandwidth savings all while improving the attendee’s internet experience. By conserving bandwidth Adobe was well prepared for any unexpected peaks in usage.


By minimizing access times, alleviating network congestion and reducing bandwidth usage, Adobe was able to save tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the Event Cache Engine provided valuable data including the most trafficked sites, user data, site behavior and time on site.

Adobe and SuperLumin will continue their partnership by expanding into Live Streaming Optimization at future Adobe events.