Outdoor Digital Displays

Digital solutions to power customer engagement

Modular design for 100% in-field servicing

High quality and manufactured in the USA, our outdoor digital displays have a life expectancy of 10 years and are designed for an on-site refresh of key components at 5 to 7 years. Its modular design means all components are field serviceable in 15 minutes or less.

Durable and rugged. 24/7 operation in any environment

With an operating temperature range of -25 F to +125 F, patented direct airflow cooling, and IP56 certification our outdoor digital displays are designed to handle any weather condition. A brightness of 3,000 nits and vandal resistant tempered glass deliver maximum visibility even in direct sunlight through polarized sunglasses.

Sensor-rich design for smarter signage and predictive monitoring

Integrated hardware and software provides streamlined content management with remote monitoring and control 24/7, making it easy to remotely reboot a media player or troubleshoot. Its sensor-rich design gives deeper understanding of customer behavior and even predicts when something might go wrong, ensuring you always deliver the best customer experience.

STRATACACHE’S digital media/marketing technology combined with our world class expertise in content management is proven to increase sales, convenience and brand value for many of the world’s leading brands. A partnership with STRATACACHE for your outdoor display needs – QSR, retail, finance and beyond – means confident deployment and network management, at scale, of your project no matter the complexity or size.

Product Specifications

Stratacache’s turnkey outdoor digital displays feature 55” LCD screens and are available in three height options of 66, 72 or 84 inches.






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