Webinar | Occupancy Management for Airport Facilities


Jun 17, 2021

Walkbase IntelliCount provides passengers with assurances they need to rejoin the traveling public.

Know How Many Passengers Are in Facilities in Real Time

Reassuring the public that it’s safe to return to travel is top of mind for airports and airlines during these unprecedented times. Walkbase IntelliCount allows operators to manage occupancy inside facilities in an impactful way, providing passengers with the assurances they need to rejoin the traveling public.

Walkbase uses privacy-friendly sensor technology to keep accurate account of passengers inside of the facility, including retail locations, restaurants and premium lounges. This technology can also be tied to digital signage or mobile apps to communicate areas of the facility with available capacity. With more than two decades of experience in transportation technology and location-based analytics, Mark Mayfield and Ben Reynolds discuss managing airport passenger flow in the COVID-19 era and beyond in the on-demand webinar.

Walkbase IntelliCount allows airports and airlines to:

  • Measure the number of passengers inside airport spaces in real time
  • Collect occupancy history data for audit purposes and to help with staff planning based on passenger patterns
  • Ensure a precise occupancy count with high accuracy, 3D sensors at entrances and exits
  • Save cost over time compared to manual door counting with highly accurate and reliable data

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